Past Films >> Apradhi
Starring: Anil Kapoor, Shilpa Shirodkar
Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal
Produced by: N.R. Pachisia's
Directed by: K. Ravishankar
Story:- BALWANT (Raza Murad) runs a country liquor unit under the protection of police Inspector BILLARE (Arun Baxi). BALWANT always dreams of being a rich man. To achieve this end, he, in connivation  with BADSHAH (Dan Dhanao) and HEERA (Anupam Khair), manages to kidnap and hold at ransom, the baby seth of SETH DHANRAJ (Subiraj).

When BALWANT’s wife (Nandita Thakur) tries to stop him in doing such an act, he mercilessly kills her and passes on the blame on his own young son SHIVA and gets  him arrested.

BALWANT  snatches the ransom amount and disappears, leaving instructions with BADSHA to do away with the child.

The boy, SHIV passes through a rough and stormy youth to grow up to be a feared hired assassin, SHIVA (ANIL KAPOOR).

One day SHIVA’s friend SALIM (Chunky Pandey) takes him to a brother, where an attempt is on to molest innocent PARO (Vijaya Shanti). SHIVA interfere and saves PARO. PARO now adores SHIVA.

Somewhere, HEERA bumps into SALIM, whom he disguises and places at
SETH DHANRAJ’s house as SETH’s long lost son. At SETH’s house, SALIM falls for HEERA’s Daughter KAMINI (Shilpa Shirodkar) .

SATYA PRAKASH (Suresh Oberoi) is an upright and honest Security Officer, working at the Docks. On interfering with HEERA’s activities, SATYA PRAKASH is killed by SHIVA.

In the courses of time, SHIVA discovered that SATYA has left behind a big family – Father (A.K.Hangal) Mother (Urmila Bhatt), wife (Kiran Joneja), a blind daughter (Princy) and a sister Juhi (Ektaa) – a family now trying to make ends meet desperately.

The family’s condition churns the inner self and humanness of SHIVA and he now represent by looking after the needs of SATYA’s family.

Also, along with a place in SHIVA’s heart, now PARO finds an abode in SHIVA’s house.

Now, HEERA is SHIVA’s staunch enemy – and BALWANT, now an underworld don, returns to the scene.

Then commences a clash of titans – HEERA, BALWANT  versus SHIVA.

Did SHIVA find his revenge against his lost youth ?

Did SETH’s actual lost son (Aasif) find his rights back?