Past Films >> Haqeeqat
Starring: Ajay Devgan, Tabbu
Music: Dilip Sen - Sammer Sen
Produced by: N.R. Pachisia's
Directed by: Kuku Kohli
Story:- Raja, a known Criminal gets arrested by the law for a Murder.But before he can be sentenced, he escapes from the clutches of the law. However the organization for whom Raja was in important man, decided to keep Raja away from Police eye. And so Raja is sent to the different city for the time being.

The city where Raja comes to stay gives Raja a fresh Bid to change from a Criminal to a Soul searching Human being in the form of Sudha, a widow whose affection and love transforms Raja.

Raja’s good deed even catches A.C.P. Bali’s eyes, and became friendly with Raja, because Raja stands between A.C.P. Bali and his enemies who are out to kill A.C.P. Bali.
When Raja offers to hold Sudha’s hand there is a hue and cry from the neighborhood. But A.C.P. Bali becomes instrumental in bringing them together and marrying them off. Little knowing that on the same day he would get an assignment to nap a murderer and he is no more else but Raja.
Now before Bali’s eyes the scales of Raja’s Deed as well as hiss duties calls  for a decision Bali decides to go in for his duty but as luck would have it, Raja gives a proof Good Deed. And A.C.P. Bali changes his decision.
Raja has  now become a good human being.  When suddenly the organization Boss comes in search of Raja to take him back into the crime business, Raja point blank refuse. Telling his boss that a woman in his life changed him from criminal to this  present state.   It is here that seeing the photograph of Sudha, the boss tells Raja what if she comes to know that you are the one had widowed her. Sudha hears this and faints.
From here on Raja is forced to assassin a Minister on the instruction of the boss or else he loose his wife. Raja does it to release his wife. But the game goes against the Boss as Raja had never shot the Minister. In fact the Minister hands in glove with Raja had played this game.  The villains are arrested for the plot to kill the minister and Raja is sentenced for a short period for his past record. In the end Sudha accept Raja.