Past Films >>Jawani Diwani
Starring: Emran Hashmi, Mahesh Manjrekar, Celina Jaitley
Music: Sajid - Wajid
Produced by: N.R. Pachisia's
Directed by: Manish Sharma
Story:- Jawani Diwani is a story of complicated choices,the outcome of these choices which are but of course, ruled by the ultimate power of unconditional love! Mann, a wannabe singer, is a hard-core opportunist. The beautiful and trusting Radha, daughter of a successful music company owner - walks into his life. Mann does not hesitate in "choosing" Radha as his love interest for a purely selfish cause. An agreement for Mann's music is signed and marriage with the daughter of the business tycoon planned. The reason is big enough to justify the demand by Mann's friends for a treat in Goa. His frivilous one night stand with Goan beauty, Rama, brews trouble for him and his career. Caught red handed, he is forced to tie the knot with her. Realising marriage means nothing for him, she walks out on the marriage, making things easier for him. A divorced yet happy Mann flies down to Mumbai where Radha and more importantly stardom awaits him.A luck would have it, Roma enters his life yet again featuring as a model and a co-star for his music video. With the wedding bells ringing close,Mann's dilemma worsens when he realises that he is truly in love with Roma! What follows is a tryst with fate for Mann. Will he sacrifice fame and money for the woman he loves?