Past Films >> Jo Bole So Nihaal
Starring: Sunny Deol, Shilpi Sharma
Music:Anad Raaj Anad
Produced by: N.R. Pachisia's
Directed by: Rahul Rawail
Story:- Nihaal Singh (Sunny Deol), an honest and immensely lovable constable, from Punjab.

A chance encounter with Romeo (KAMAAL KHAN), changes his life forever. Romeo is an ambitious mercenary who moves from country to country spreading a chain of terror. He uses Nihaal Singh’s innocence to make his escape from the hands of the law.

Nihaal is branded a traitor who helped a terrorist escape,  he is suspended from his job, he is ridiculed and his family  faces the wrath of the entire village.

While our own PUNJAB DA PUTTAR is being castigated and humiliated in his village …. WHERE IS ROMEO ???????????

Romeo is spreading his tentacles of terror all over the world and has family reached the land of opportunities, the BIG APPLE……………New York City  in the US of A.

The US of A is now his playground wherein he is playing with the lives of hundreds of innocent citizens.

The F.B.I. is desperately looking from Romeo, because of his activities, and also intelligence report gathered by them, speak about a possibility of an organization hiring the service of Romeo to assassinate the President of The United States Of America!

However, there is one huge problem……… Romeo is a man without a face!  No one the world knows what he looks likes.

No one expect Nihaal Singh.

The FBI takes Nihaal Singh to New York to help them put an end to Romeo’s nefarious activities. Nihaal Singh on reaching New York agree to identify Romeo but on one condition  - He will first bring Romeo to his hometown in Punjab to clear hi name, bring back his lost glory, redeem his family honor, and than hand him over to the American authorities.

The FBI refuses because they want Romeo…….Nihaal Singh refuses because ……the FBI refuses because ………..Nihaal Singh refuse because…….the FBI refuse because ...

What happens when this Catch 22 situation arises ????????????????

What happens when a Cute and Adorable villager from Punjab unleashes his “PUNJABI PUNCH” on the streets of New York ????????????????

An entertaining choppy and cheerful roller coaster ride !!!!!.
Fasten seat belts, as you follow Nihaal Singh on a bumpy ride from the sleepy lanes of Moga to the fast and furious streets of New York.